Smoothie Weight Loss Diets

Smoothies are vastly popular so it is no wonder that there are a number of what I would call "commercial enterprises" who have jumped on the wagon with their take of a "smoothie diet" for people seeking weight reduction, and usually FAST weight loss. Unless you just arrived on the internet today (well, hello there!)you know that there are thousands of *fake* health gurus out there... people who would have you believe that pulling this or that brandname highly-processed "nourishing" item out of your cupboard and whirling it up with your bananas and other fresh items equals a Healthy Source of Energy and Nutrition. AND, if you believe this, you will also believe that drinking this particular smoothie three times a day will help you to lose weight.

Well, this might surprise you: it might.

If your diet is largely what you will see referred to as SAD (Standard American Diet, or just plain sad sad sad) you probably eat animal proteins and fats for some of your meals (including dairy, eggs and fish) and you likely manage to eat one or two salads a day, generally with some sort of vegetable oil dressing. If you are eating stuff out of cans, eating out, or have a shaker around your kitchen, you likely get more salt in your diet than you figure on. Then there is refined sugars, etc. etc. etc. End of that lecture. When you switch over to leaving out even some of the processed foods and animal proteins and fats and eating more whole plant foods (preferrably organic) you will benefit in amazing ways. But did you know that just by eliminating some of your usual SAD items you will probably notice immediate improved health... this is the reason for the usual initial response people get on ANY trendy diet. Stop eating table salt and you will stop swelling. Stop eating processed foods for a few days and see if you don't bloat as much and if you maybe even drop a pound or two. Give up animal proteins for a week and be amazed to find that your digestion problems start to clear up.

Nothing magical. Diet promoters have known this for eons. If you do a detox or fast, of almost any kind, you will be giving your digestive system a break. Your body will respond by releasing some of the fat and toxins it has been storing. But once you re-introduce those particular food items that cause the digestive system to go out of balance, guess what? The old fat storage and toxic waste caching will kick back in.

If you are hungry (which is inevitable on most 'diets') you will eventually look for something like whatever satisfied you before. You will actually look for a duplication of the FEELINGS of the most satisfying food or experience that you have had before feeling hungry or restless. This is how we fall back into the yo-yo dieting style of eating.

So, is the Smoothie the silver bullet? Frankly, no. But it can certainly help you to regain some of your health, energy and vim. If you stop eating some of the things that add to your fat stores, and substitute some delicious smoothies, you will likely begin to lose weight. Don't trust the hype around phrases like "the Smoothie Diet" (and there are quite a few of them called this). Consult your favourite health care professional, do your reading and other research, do your goal-setting and visioning, hire a coach, de-stress, love yourself, get active-- and add in smoothies.

Here is an interesting video wherein two of the internet adherents to the benefits of the plant-based diet, Dr. John McDougall and Dr. Joel Fuhrman, duke it out over what is the BEST kind of a plant-based diet, starchy (whole grains & legumes) or fruits and nuts "What is the Best Diet?"  Where does the Smoothie Diet fit in? It doesn't.  Eat in a properly balanced way for you (listen to what Dr. Fuhrman says about individuality in this video clip), and, by all means, keep whole plant-based ingredients around for those times when a smoothie is needed to replace whatever less desireable substance!

This smoothie information is for you-- it's my bias-- so please see your own health care professional before making any health-related decisions. If you found anything useful, intriguing, or have questions, I would really appreciate your feedback... please use the comment box below. You can also get SmoothieMoves Ezine delivered free through your email over the next year with 35 delicious, nutritious smoothie recipes by clicking here. To your better and better health, ~Cynthia

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