Vitamix and Cancer Prevention

Vitamix - an important part of your cancer prevention strategy.

Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix machine makes life easy in our household-- every morning we just toss a variety of whole fruits-- seeds, stems, and all-- into our Vitamix Total Nutrition Center, flip on the switch, and presto! we have about half of our required nine servings of fruits and vegetables for the day! 

And 3X the nutrition of what you would get by just eating your food, cooked or raw! There is research behind this!  Whole food meals made in the Vitamix are (delicious) preventative medicine!

To celebrate another year with my Vitamix I want to give someone who also loves their Vitamix a great set of accessories... Vitamix Spatulas (valued at $10) just for sharing something about why you love Vitamix-- what it means in your life.   The specially-designed spatulas are made to get right to the bottom of things and get you every last drop of smoothie or soup or cheese cake...    

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