Thickalicious Blueberry-Orange-Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

This green smoothie is creamy, yummy and very filling-- it will definitely get you through the morning for five hours (until lunch)without the mid-morning craving for a piece of something starchy. I've been tweeting with a woman from Scotland who calls herself GreenThickies on Twitter and who has developed this delicious oatmeal-infused Green Smoothie that she, of course, calls a Green Thickie. I have been out of town for 2 weeks and away from my Vitamix (how I missed it!). Now I am home and was eager to give this drink a go... but I didn't have any of the lovely bits of fruit that she uses in her Green Thickie recipes, so did some innovation to come up with this recipe to use what I do have available... I'm loving it!

Put the following in your high speed blender (or blend in order in a regular blender):
*1 C. Filtered Water
*2 peeled Oranges (seedless or remove the seeds)
*1 C. frozen Blueberries
*1 C. Oatmeal (uncooked- soaked over night is good, if possible to remember to do that)
*2 T. Chia Seed or Flax Seed (or Chia Seed Gel that you can make yourself)
*3-6 Pitted Dates
*Handful of Romaine Lettuce

Whirl up until totally smoothie. Mmmmm. I think it is good to chew this smoothie a little instead of just bolting it down because it is pretty substantial and chewing ensures a better digestion process.  I threw in the dates because the combo reminds me of a lovely  muffin recipe I once had... you can omit them if you find this too sweet.

I don't have the exact nutritional breakdown but I'm guessing that this might be 300+ calories and contain around 6-8g of fat. Dairy-free, no refined sugars, Wheat-free. Check out for other information and recipes. I'm pretty certain I'll be trying out some more recipes for this sturdy smoothie on here again, so please check back!

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  1. Cynthia,

    Many thanks for this post about my Green Thickies. After recovering from chronic health problems and losing 56 pounds with a green smoothie diet, I'm now passionate about helping other people to get healthy and reach their ideal weight. So thank you for spreading the word about Green Thickies.

    I invented Green Thickies after having a baby as I didn't have time to eat much and still wanted the health benefits of green smoothies. But I found they just weren't filling me up for long enough. This drink keeps me going all morning as it contains oats and seeds/nuts for a complete meal. I still lost my baby weight by drinking green thickies and have energy for my baby.

    Yes they are generally around 300 calories for a 16oz serving. This provides enough calories for a filling breakfast or a workout.

    For more information please visit:

    Many thanks

    Katherine Natalia (Green Thickies)


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