Another Smoothie Book? Yeah, but Much Better!

This just came in from Tera Warner:

Hey There, Smoothie-Slurpin' Superstar!
This week I'm so excited to release our hot off the presses NEW smoothie e-book!
Now, if you're thinkin' what I was thinkin' when I first heard about this book, it might sound a bit like this:

"What? Are you serious? Does the world really need another smoothie book?"

Well, actually, C., YES! It does! ;-)

So before you start thinking any blended food taboos, here's what you've gotta know about our latest new e-book:
  • All the recipes have been extensively husband and teenager approved!
  • Every smoothie in this book is a meal-in-a-mug!
  • The recipes include some superfoods you've been wondering about,
    but didn't know how to use!
  • It's loaded with kefirs, fizzy drinks, bubbly drinks and more!

Just when you thought you were sick of smoothies, this smooth! e-book comes along and opens up a whole new, nutritionally dense, easy-to-digest world of creamy, bubbly, fizzy recipes your friends and family -- even the teenagers and burly, burger-eating men out there -- will LOVE!!!
This smoothie information is for you-- it's my bias-- so please see your own health care professional before making any health-related decisions. If you found anything useful, intriguing, or have questions, I would really appreciate your feedback... please use the comment box below.To your better and better health, ~Cynthia

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