Feeling Like A Green Cleanse?

If you are into the Fall and feeling a little logy and sluggish, maybe like you just want to slump in front of the tube or the computer and snack on poutine and other fatty fare, that you really don't feel like taking a walk on a rare beautiful day, that you are a little depressed about the coming winter, etc. etc. etc., maybe you would benefit from a personal housecleaning... by housecleaning, I mean, of course, a cleanse or detox.

Well, you are in luck!  If you are looking for a coached Green Cleanse you will not go wrong by signing up for the Green for Life 7-Day Cleanse based on Victoria Boutenko's experiences with introducing chronically-ill folks to the Green Smoothie for a period of time.  The results of ingesting just one quart of Green Smoothie a day, while not even making huge other changes to diet, was amazing!  Victoria went on to compile her experiences in the book "Green For Life."  Frederic Patenaude, a healthy living entrepreneur, coach, instructor, and author, got together with Victoria to design a 7-day Cleanse that makes use of their combined knowledge about the power of a green diet.

Frederic suggests that people need to do a 5-7 day cleanse at least 2-4 times a year.  January is a great time since we are mostly highly motivated to make changes, and often, we are dealing with our body's natural response to excess over a holiday season... we feel logy, sluggish, maybe have flu-like symptoms or even really pronounced digestive disorders or flare-ups -- and it doesn't take brain science to figure out the body is screaming for a break!

Some purists will opt to do a complete fast (sometimes called "a water fast" because water is the only thing they will take in during the fast), but vast majority of people a plant-based cleanse is far more satisfactory.  Your digestive system will begin to function as it needs to, you'll feel better, you will get a better rest, and maybe even drop a few pounds.  And you won't feel like you are starving.  Because you won't be.

For many, it is helpful to be COACHED through the cleanse.  If you were doing this one-on-one with a health coach you met in the flesh, you would likely be spending in the realm of $100/hour for the coach's services.  If you did this in a fasting clinic or spa, you would spend more (and of course you would get some pretty cool spa services).  I'm pretty sure you will find that this Green for Life Cleanse offers you all the comforts of home with the benefit of a coach who is likely better trained and qualified than most of the "coaches" you will encounter in a pricey spa or lifestyle center.

And for a couple of days (the Cleanse starts on Monday January 20th, 2014) you can get 50% off the cost of the 7-Day Cleanse just by using the coupon code FALLCLEANSE when you register for the cleanse. Is that Win-Win or what?

Read more about this 7-Day Green For Life Cleanse HERE.  Once you've done it once, you can do it again free throughout your life.  That is what I will be doing!
Green For Life

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