Thyroid-Happy Blueberry-Parsley-Apple-Banana Smoothie

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Today's smoothie recipe uses NON-goitrogenic greens and fruits to relieve the thyroid and upper thalamus from the damage done by goitrogenic veggies and fruits.  When one eats certain fruits and veggies, such as soy or broccoli or gluten-containing items, the thyroid function is suppressed by interfering with uptake of iodine.  Symptoms of  this thyroid suppression can include everything from goiter to swollen ankles to insomnia to hair loss to heart conditions.  This little butterfly-shaped organ at the base of the throat is more important to our lives than most of us know.

Thyroid-Happy Blueberry-Parsley-Apple-Banana Smoothie
*delicious breakfast smoothie for 1-2 persons*
Put the following in the carafe of your high-speed blender (or do in smaller batches for a regular blender):
-1 Granny Smith Apple, chopped
-1 Ripe Banana, chopped
-1 C. Frozen or Fresh Blueberries
-1 small handful Parsley (Cilantro, various types of Parsley such as curly or Italian)
-Filtered Water (as needed to make 1-2 tall glasses of smoothie)
-Ice cubes, if desired

Blend up and serve.


  1. This smoothie looks very delicious! I made this and I added chia seeds! I love it.

  2. Thanks for your comment. The chia seeds are a great addition!


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