3 Delicious Chia Drinks with Health Benefits

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Chia seeds have many nutritional benefits-- essential fatty acids, most importantly. They also are relatively low in calories and can bulk out a drink so that you don't feel so hungry after drinking it. 

Chia seeds have a neutral flavour profile, unlike flax seed which has what some people describe as an "unpleasant flavour". Chia will happily combine with the fruits or herbs that you use in your drink to take on their flavours 100%.

So, choose the flavours and other features you like most from the following chia drink recipes and check them out-- pick and click!  These recipes are all win-win!  Save yourself the money, effort and time of reading and watching ads with a chia seed drink 'hook' into their expensive supplements!

1. Lemon and Chia Seed Weight Loss Drink

Only 3 ingredients in this recipe from Beauty Epic and you have the makings of a daily healthy weight-loss program along with your regular healthy lifestyle of plant-based eating, exercise, getting out into nature, adequate rest, stress reduction and an attitude of faith, optimism and loving kindness. Click on image above to go to the recipe for the lemon-chia drink and also a honey-chia drink.

2. Raspberry-Mint-Chia Smoothie

This raspberry-chia smoothie from Prana Snacks is particularly pleasant on a hot summer day (but can be sipped any day, no matter the temperature). If you pick your own ripe raspberries in the heat of the summer and freeze them, you won't need any sweetener. If you do need to sweeten it up a little, start with just a small amount. You will likely be surprised at how little sweetener you actually need once you get used to experiencing the whole natural flavour profile of the fruits and herbs-- mint in this case. The chia seeds will help to take some of the tart edge away without adding any flavour of their own.  Click on the image above to go to the recipe.

3. Super-Detox Green Smoothie

Skinny Ms  Super-Detox Green Smoothie has both spinach and kale in it, as well as cilantro (or parsley), so it is definitely a GREEN smoothie. But the addition of celery, cucumber and APPLE -- as well as the chia seeds-- amps down that green pasture-taste considerably. You will likely become one of the fans of this particular green smoothie-- let's say, a positive addiction. Click above to get the recipe.

The above smoothies are not going to reverse any long-standing illness or medical condition. Please see your trusted physician or other health care provider for that. Please check the ingredients to determine whether they counteract with any medications you might be on.

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