Mango-Cilantro Anti-Candida Smoothie


It is New Year's Eve and I am eating and drinking delicately today after having "overdone" the sugar and fats during the holiday proper. If you are looking for a divinely satisfying smoothie that is also very soothing and healthy, then you can not go wrong with this Mango-Cilantro green smoothie.

This smoothie has only four ingredients (feel free to add and subtract as you see fit, of course).  I don't think it is necessary to dictate actual proportions, but for the two of us to have a large glassful each (10-12 oz) I used about:
  1. a handful of frozen fruit and 
  2. about 16 oz. of water. 
  3. My husband added in Astragulas to his-- I am a little more sensitive to the added 'flavours' that some of the power herbs bring to the smoothie, even though I know that astragulas probably makes up for its astringent details with vast health benefits.  Make this smoothie fit for you!

  • Mango is a 'digestive' tropical fruit that contains antioxidants that are said to prevent several forms of cancer; it is alkalanyzing AND has the right amount of fibre, Vitamin C and pectin to lower Low-density Lipoprotein (the 'bad' cholesterol).  Along with pineapple and pectin, mango is considered a candida-fighting fruit.  And maybe you thought Mango was just one of those delicious tropical 'frill fruits' with nothing much to offer but yummy taste and texture? I used Moov frozen organic chunks that our son picked up at Costco-- you can see Mango's excellent nutrition profile right here:

  • Cilantro is sometimes called "Chinese Parsley".  It is used a lot in Mexican dishes.  For me it imparts a delectable fresh lemony flavour, but some folks (with maybe "a genetic response") can find its smell and taste to be quite repulsive.  I feel blessed to love the taste, because Cilantro is a natural chelator, grabbing on to certain heavy metals (like the residuals of mercury fillings, etc) and getting them out of your body.  If you can't stand cilantro, then use another green like regular parsley or celery.  (I use a large handful of organic cilantro greens in my smoothie).
  • Tumeric -- the trendy root from the East.  Shake in about a teaspoon full or more.  You might detect a bit of an earthy flavour, but otherwise it is pretty neutral tasting and full of benefits: there are lots of indicators that it is useful to stopping the spread of cancer; it's an anti-inflammatory; and a pile of other wonderful assets.  Read more about it here  
  • Water

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