Holiday Smoothie Bowl

Holiday Smoothie Bowl

It's a cool, grey December 23rd, that sort of not-yet day where it feels like it is important to get in the groceries needed for the next several days' menus. My husband is doing that. 

Today we are enjoying some lovely holiday recipes from Candace Feldman's recent book, Lean into Plants with its 100+ recipes that are primarily plant-based-- there are a handful of ovo-lacto and fiscatarian recipes.  

The *Holiday Smoothie bowl* above is a delicious combination of vegan nog flavours and ice-creaminess with a toning down of the sweetness of the commercial plant-based libation. Very nice for bringing the festive season into focus. 

I also made up the Snicker Bites (above), tasty little chocolate, nut butter morsels with a healthy sweet whole food, plant-based feature.  Candace likes to keep a balance between natural and wholesome, and wtf-yummy. Her health journey included letting go of food obsessions. She provides many of the helpful affirmations that she used in recovery from disordered eating.

Find out more and purchase Lean into Plants <~here. 


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