Chocolate-Mint Smoothie Recipe (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Silky Smooth Chocolate-Mint Smoothie (with sage leaf garnish b/c no other mints around)
This chocolate-mint smoothie is the 4th of the 7 Christmas Smoothie recipes.  What would Christmas be like without these two fabulously nostalgia-evoking flavours from our Christmas stockings and our office treats and our edible ornaments?  This is a pretty easy smoothie.  If you have some nice fresh mint available, please use it... if not (as in this time of year in my garden), please use a high grade ingestible health supplement Peppermint essential oil.  You only need a drop in your smoothie, and you can use the rest for countless other purposes.*  I'm happy to tell you that this smoothie is a lot healthier than peppermint candy canes and boxes of chockies!

Put the following in your blender carafe and let sit for 15 minutes:
*1 T. Chia Seed
*2 C. Almond Milk
*1 pkt. "Sweet Leaf" Stevia or sweetener (or not) of your choice
After 15 minutes of hydration of the Chia Seed (for improved digestibility), add in:
*2 T. Organic Cocoa or powdered raw Cacao or Cocoa/Carob Powder combination
*2 Frozen Bananas, chunked
*1/2 teaspoon Peppermint Extract, or 1 - 2 drops food grade Peppermint Essential Oil (NO MORE!) OR small handful fresh Peppermint Leaves
Spin up until it is silky smooth!

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