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Green Smoothie Recipes for A Cleanse


Today is Day #2 of a 7-Day Raw Vegan Cleanse and I got to eat 3 lovely, fruity meals, two of which were smoothies. Each smoothie recipe is pretty plain-jane and easy to digest as a result. No nut milks, seeds, or any superfoods, supplements or fats of any sorts. I feel very balanced and ready for a good sleep. But if you are interested in checking them out, here they are in their delicious simplicity:

Banana-Cilantro Green Smoothie
*Blend up 1 Frozen Banana and a bunch of Cilantro with as much water (40 oz. for me) as you would like... the less water, the thicker it is. Remember to chew that smoothie!

Kiwi Kiss Green Smoothie
*Blend together 1 handful of Baby Spinach, 2 peeled Kiwi, 2 large Strawberries, 1 Frozen Banana, Water. This is really tasty-- maybe because Kiwi fruit already has a sort of strawberry flavour?

Just picked up a few tips about hanging in with this raw vegan cleanse and warding off the cravings for cooked food:
*Only spend a few seconds thinking about the cooked foods you crave
*Focus on thinking about your favourite raw foods and what you like about them
*Think about how you feel when you eat that special raw food
*Vision what you will look like (feel) when you are eating a 100% pure raw plant-based diet

This smoothie information is for you-- it's my bias-- so please see your own health practitioner to answer questions.  

To your better and better health, 


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