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Spicy, Tangy, Cancer-Fighting Green Breakfast Smoothie

Tastier than you might think!!

This particular green smoothie is inspired by the green drink that Chris Wark (of "Chris Beat Cancer" and the SquareOne Healing Cancer Summit --you can sign up to be notified of the next free series) described in Module 4 as part of his morning protocol during the time when he was actively involved in knocking Stage 3 Colon cancer out of his body without chemo and without radiation.  The 10-part video series is so interesting (and important)--and you can watch it when it comes up again: FREE.  

If you miss the opportunity, you can still get hold of the materials with all his information, and be part of a support group that includes  individuals who have amazing healing stories to share.  

Many people who watch this summit purchase the materials and watch/read repeatedly until they are able to replicate the system that works for so many to combat cancer naturally-- to be EMPOWERED and to get through other chronic disease also (eg., Diabetes 2 and Heart Disease).  Go HERE to learn more about owning the complete coaching program.

INGREDIENTS (all of which Chris recommends): Makes about 24+ oz.

2 C. Filtered or Distilled Water 
Organic Arugula and Baby Spinach combo from Costco - 2 handfuls
2 Organic Apples, Chopped (not peeled, but cored-- Chris leaves in the seeds, I didn't)
2 T. Organic Flaxseed (you could choose to use flax meal instead, or Chia seed)
1 Organic Celery Stem, chopped
Small Handful, Organic Broccoli Sprouts (Health Store, or sprout your own)
Small Grated Knuckle of Turmeric (or 2 tsp. Powdered Turmeric)
Small Grated Knuckle of  Organic Ginger
Shot of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (or Lemon Juice-- you decide how much a shot is)
1/4 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
Blend up and drink (store in mason jar with lid on in fridge for a couple of days)

Use fresh, organic, whole food ingredients to fight cancer.  You deserve the best!  If you can't get hold of organic, just wash the other ingredients as well as possible (using apple cider vinegar can help) and eat more.  Don't give up on fresh whole foods-- they are always going to be a better bet than processed, isolates... 

I was a little timid about how this smoothie might taste with so many "strong" elements-- but it is absolutely delicious.  If you have an aversion to (or are unfamiliar with, or timid about) some of the ingredients, skip them or use a small quantity.  Every one of them has nutritive values that have been shown to KILL cancer cells and/or BUILD the immune system.  

Click on the image of Chris and his lovely family to sign up for wait list for the next informative and exciting Square One Summit:

From Chris Wark of #ChrisBeatCancer, his latest best selling book: 

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Deliciously Simple

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