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Raspberry-Orange-Avo Chiffon Green Smoothie

To me, this is the most delightful of smoothies and I will sip it with my Sweetie!!

 Put the following in your Blender Carafe:

  • 1/2 Avocado, flesh only 
  • 1-2 C. Frozen Raspberries 
  • 1 Sweet Orange, seedless, peeled 
  • 1 Handful of Fresh Parsley Tops 
  • 1 pkt. Stevia or other sweetener (optional) 
  • Filtered Water (as much as you want, usually 1-3 C.) 
  •  Spin up in the blender and enjoy!
Click HERE to scroll other luscious Smoothie recipes containing Avocado

Fresh Fig-Peach-Banana-Chard Smoothie

Oops.. I forgot to take a pic of the fruit for this smoothie, but it is, when all whirled up, your basic lovely green smoothie.  It's an August smoothie in these parts-- when the Fig and Peach and Chard converge, invite in the tropical Banana, hit the local water hole, and cha cha cha.  Sweet and Peachy!

My neighbour came over with a bag of peaches (in exchange for watching her yard a bit while she is away), and I froze a bunch of those slices for smoothies.  Then, when we went into her yard we noticed that her fig tree was drooping with lots of figs, screaming "harvest me! harvest me!" So, we did of course.  These are figs far superior to whatever our fig type is.  Two owners back the couple were Mediterranean (he was Greek, she was Italian, or maybe the reverse) but they had figs and peaches all over the surface of their house, a huge grape arbour in the back, and a persimmon tree. The persimmon and the figs got routed out by the next owner who preferred asphalt RV pads to ripe fruit.  The present homeowner likes the peaches, but I'm not sure about the figs.  I'll make her some jam with them, anyhow.

So, if you have all of the above ingredients, here you go: (or feel free to do your own version)
*1 frozen Banana
*2 fresh Figs
*2 fresh Rainbow Chard leaves and stems
*1/2 C. frozen Peach slices
*1-2C. filtered Water
Spin it all up in the blender!

And if you are rather apprehensive about combining all the fruits above together, believing that such a fruit salad mix might be harder to digest than just one or maybe 2 fruits, read THIS article by someone who has been a fruitarian-hygienist type raw vegan foodie and has done lots of research into the matter!

"First Fruits" Blackberry-Apple-Chard Green Smoothie (Vegan, Dairy-Free, Thyroid-Friendly)

Follow Me on Pinterest I'm calling this "First Fruits" because it is the first picking of a sizable couple of smoothie servings of thornless blackberries from the overloaded bushes in my backyard.  There is a sizable fresh excitement to go along with this activity.  The flavour is delightful, although a little tart, so I added a little Xylitol to sweeten it up (and apparently to inhibit any nasties that are doing a number on my skin).  I also added a small Granny Smith Apple, cored, and 2 large leaves of Swiss Chard (one of the few big green leaves that is not goitrogenic, that is, not healthful for the thyroid gland). And of course I stuck in my usual Chia Seed Gel (homemade- learn how HERE along with some other yummy recipes using the gel).

So, here is the recipe.  You can vary the amounts to suit you:

2 C. Ripe Blackberries (or frozen)
2 Large Leaves of Swiss Chard
1 Granny Smith Apple, cored and chopped
1/4 C. Chia Seed Gel
1/2 tsp. XYLA Xylitol Sweetener (or ?)
2-3 C. Water (ice  cubes if desired)

Whirl until smooth and pour into a large glass or mason jar to enjoy while doing your morning computer tasks, or as breakfast, or maybe at the end of the day, or when you need a lift!

Vegan "Buttah Mylk" (Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, NON-Goitrogenic)

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A few days ago my neighbour was rejoicing in some chives that she was given by another neighbour-- I told her that we had chives in our garden as well, but that I rarely use them.  She said, "But this is the buttermilk and chives season!" and I was immediately transported back to a time in my life when a frosty glass of buttermilk with chopped chives was the highlight of my Summer afternoon!  Maybe it's a farmgirl thang, not sure, but I suddenly got a hankering for buttermilk.  Problem: I am definitely adverse to dairy, or it is adverse to me.

Sooooooooooo.... how about a smoothie that tastes like buttermilk, but that has no dairy in it?

Here it is... it may be difficult for you to imagine a mix of avocado, lemon, chiaseed, banana, chives, and sea salt tasting like buttermilk... but they DO, they really DO-- very similar creamy, chunky texture, and very similar tart, sweet, salty, chive-y flavour!  Please try it and let me know if you agree!

  • 1/2 ripe, soft Avocado
  • 1/4 C. Chia seed Gel (instructions HERE)
  • 1 small ripe Banana, chopped
  • Small handful Chives, finely chopped
  • 1/2 - 1 tsp. Celtic Sea Salt (all those 82 trace minerals!)
  • 1/2 - 1 fresh Lemon, juice and zest - (I would go for closer to 1 whole lemon)
  • 1 - 2 C. Water
  • 2- 4 Ice Cubes
Go ahead and spin it up!  
Place in high speed blender (or in 2 batches in regular blender) and blend until smooth... Mmmm.... yum.... no dairy bloating, etc.  

Thyroid-Happy Berry-Chia-Mint-Parsley-Almond Milk Green Smoothie

Follow Me on Pinterest This NON-goitrogenic green smoothie is the fourth This Thyroid-happy smoothie is an adaptation of a great Green Smoothie by Drew Canole of JuiceUp Your Life.  Drew adds in protein powder, I just stick with Chia Gel to provide the protein.  I use blueberries, but you can use raspberries (like Drew does) or any other NON-goitrogenic berries (NOT strawberries, alas).  It is unlike these other Thyroid-Happy smoothie recipes on Smoothie Moves since I use unsweetened Almond Mylk.  I used the pre-made kind, but you could make your own (including high-selenium Brazil Nut Mylk- yum) with just the ingredients, a blender and a sieve.  

Thyroid-happy Berry-Chia-Mint-Parsley-Almond Milk Green Smoothie 
  • Small handful fresh Mint leaves, stripped from stems
  • Small handful fresh Parsley
  • 1/2 - 1 C. Frozen Berries (or fresh berries)-- I used frozen organic blueberries
  • 1/2 C. Chia Gel (1/4 C. chia seeds in quart of water, stir, leave for 15 minutes- Go HERE for chia seed gel recipes)
  • 1 - 2 C. of unsweetened Almond Milk 

Put all of the above into your high speed blender, or divide in half for a less speedy blender and do in two batches.  Relax and enjoy!

Thyroid-Happy Mango-Banana-Coconut-Green Smoothie

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The ingredients used in this smoothie are meant to be kind to all thyroids, especially those thyroids that have been damaged by repeated consumption of goitrogenic foods, assaulted by environmental chemicals, and the rest of the list that can severely disable this little butterfly-shaped organ that is so keenly important to our body's energetic system.


* 1/2 to 1 C. of very ripe Mango (I used frozen organic mango purchased from Costco)
*1 ripe Banana, chunks
*shake of Coconut Shreds (unsweetened, but they do lend sweetness to this smoothie)
*Large handful of greens (I used fresh Leaf Lettuce, Cilantro, Parsley and a couple of Baby Grape Leaves) (Avoid goitrogenic greens such as Kale and Spinach)
*Filtered Water (1 - 2 Cups, you decide how thick and how much you want)
*1/4 - 1/2 Avocado Flesh (Optional)
*1/4 C. Raw Pumpkin Seeds (Optional) (do not use if you already take a 200 mcg Selenium tablet)

Put all of the above into your high speed blender, or divide in half for a less speedy blender and do in two batches.  Relax and enjoy!

Other Thyroid-Happy Smoothies on Smoothie Moves

Thyroid-Happy Cherry-Green Apple-Dandelion-Parsley-Banana-Pumpkin Seed Smoothie

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This and other "Thyroid Happy" smoothies on this site are set to coincide with the excellent  Thyroid Summit that showcased holistic expertise ("functional medicine") in preventing and healing Thyroid Disease.

Some of the things I learned  (Day #1) included the importance of cutting out sugars (J.J. Virgin and Dr. Teitelbaum) but not eschewing all salt (unrefined salt, like Celtic Sea Salt with its 80+ minerals).  I also learned that iodine is an essential element needed by our bodies to nourish a healthy thyroid (and heal a thyroid that is damaged) and that other chemical elements, like bromide and flouride, are ubiquitous and act to displace iodine and suppress thyroid function. (Dr. Brownstein)

This recipe uses raw ingredients that are NOT goitrogenic (suppress the thyroid and prevent the uptake of iodine) although there is some contradiction around 'cherries'-- it would seem that the 'sour' cherry variety is preferable.  However, there are some sites that diss the cherry altogether, lumping it in with other goitrogenic fruits (like peaches), but there are other sites that include cherries with berries (blueberries, etc., but not strawberries) that are considered NON-goitrogenic.  I have an almost full bag of frozen "Dark Sweet Cherries" from Costco that I love. love. love. and have decided to use them sparingly for this and other smoothie recipes.  Otherwise, the remaining ingredients are considered healthy-harmless (don't block iodine uptake) for the thyroid.  Put the following in your high speed blender carafe (or do in 2 batches):
**for 1-2 tall glasses of smoothie**
~1/2 C. Frozen or fresh Cherries (sour cherries are preferred- or sub blueberries)
~1 Banana, peeled and chopped
~ 1/4 C. Pumpkin Seeds (contain selenium, a thyroid-healthy mineral)
~ 1/4 C. Coconut Shreds (for sweetening & healthy fats)
~ 1 - 2 Dandelion Leaves (or 1-2 Romaine leaves)
~ 1 Granny Smith Apple (lovely lower-glycemic apple)
~ Handful of Parsley/Cilantro
~  Filtered Water  (1 -2 cups)
~ Ice Cubes (if desired)
**Spin up.  Enjoy!  Feel the Energy surge through your body-- not kidding!

Thyroid-Happy Blueberry-Parsley-Apple-Banana Smoothie

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Today's smoothie recipe uses NON-goitrogenic greens and fruits to relieve the thyroid and upper thalamus from the damage done by goitrogenic veggies and fruits.  When one eats certain fruits and veggies, such as soy or broccoli or gluten-containing items, the thyroid function is suppressed by interfering with uptake of iodine.  Symptoms of  this thyroid suppression can include everything from goiter to swollen ankles to insomnia to hair loss to heart conditions.  This little butterfly-shaped organ at the base of the throat is more important to our lives than most of us know.

Thyroid-Happy Blueberry-Parsley-Apple-Banana Smoothie
*delicious breakfast smoothie for 1-2 persons*
Put the following in the carafe of your high-speed blender (or do in smaller batches for a regular blender):
-1 Granny Smith Apple, chopped
-1 Ripe Banana, chopped
-1 C. Frozen or Fresh Blueberries
-1 small handful Parsley (Cilantro, various types of Parsley such as curly or Italian)
-Filtered Water (as needed to make 1-2 tall glasses of smoothie)
-Ice cubes, if desired

Blend up and serve.

Cinco de Mayo Green Smoothie - vegan, gluten-free, non-alcoholic - olé!

yummy Cinco de Mayo Green Smoothie- non-alcoholic, vegan, gluten-free celebration!
Here is a delicious tropical green smoothie for a healthy celebration of Cinco de Mayo -- it is vegan (egg- and dairy-free), non-alcoholic, and gluten-free.

Put the following in your high speed blender (or in your NOT high speed blender... just blend in smaller batches):

- 1 -2 handfuls of fresh Cilantro
- 1 C. chopped fresh Pinapple
- 1 C. Cultured Coconut Milk (or regular yogurt, if you desire)
- 2 small ripe Bananas
- 2 C. Water
Blend until smooth.  Delicioso!

For more yummy vegan Mexican recipes go Here.

Ginger Peach Anti-Candida Green Smoothie

There are all varieties of Green Smoothies out there from the dairy-rich ones that contain actual additional refined sweeteners along with fruit and greens to smoothies that are basically whirled up fresh greens, a banana, and water to recipes that are heavy on commercial "smoothie mixes"... and everything in between. I love 'em all but my body now seems most amenable to a larger proportion of fresh greens and a tablespoon of ground (or gel) chia seed along with a lower glycemic fruit (or berries)and some additional fresh ground spices or veggies like ginger or garlic.

These fresher tasting Green Smoothies are less apt to feed any nefarious fungus or  incorrigible candida overgrowth than the sweeter-type smoothies.  I hope you will want to follow along and try these high-fibre, nutrient-dense, low glycemic smoothies for yourself!  You will find the recommendation for these smoothies and other invaluable tips in the free 5-part Minicourse you can sign up for below the recipe.


Add the following to your blender carafe:

1-2 large handsful of Baby Spinach leaves
3 Celery stems (cut into 2 inch pieces to avoid stringing the gears)
2 halves, Frozen Peaches (or fresh is fine of course-- or other stone fruit like apricot or plum)
1 baby finger-size nob of fresh Ginger, grated
1 T. Ground Chia Seed (or equal portion of Chia Gel)
Optional: 1 teaspoon of Acerola Cherry Juice Powder
Optional: pinch of Stevia to sweeten if desired
About 4- 8 oz. cups of filtered water
Spin up until creamy.  Let sit for 15 minutes if Chia meal has not had a chance to soak, stir, and pour into glasses to drink.

Sign up for the free 5-Part Minicourse that will be delivered through your email.  You will learn about how candida overgrowth gets in the way of great health and tips for overcoming nasty yeast infections.

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Cherry-Banana-Mango Lemonade Smoothie Bliss

Kale + Cherries = chocolate? (apparently)
Yesterday my husband made an uber-healthy but not very tasty smoothie for breakfast and my tummy asked for something a little fruitier and tastier today, so what you have below is the recipe for a slightly over-indulged princess.

Combine the following in your blender:
*1/2 C. Frozen Organic (or unsprayed) ripe Cherries (pitted of course)
*   2 C. Organic Mango Lemonade
*1/2 C.  Vegan Yogurt
*1 1/2   Frozen Bananas (cut in chunks, peeled of course)
*Handful of tender Kale greens (or other greens of choice, for example, Romaine)
*Water to thin it if necessary
Spin up and enjoy!

Green Smoothie Recipes for A Cleanse


Today is Day #2 of a 7-Day Raw Vegan Cleanse and I got to eat 3 lovely, fruity meals, two of which were smoothies. Each smoothie recipe is pretty plain-jane and easy to digest as a result. No nut milks, seeds, or any superfoods, supplements or fats of any sorts. I feel very balanced and ready for a good sleep. But if you are interested in checking them out, here they are in their delicious simplicity:

Banana-Cilantro Green Smoothie
*Blend up 1 Frozen Banana and a bunch of Cilantro with as much water (40 oz. for me) as you would like... the less water, the thicker it is. Remember to chew that smoothie!

Kiwi Kiss Green Smoothie
*Blend together 1 handful of Baby Spinach, 2 peeled Kiwi, 2 large Strawberries, 1 Frozen Banana, Water. This is really tasty-- maybe because Kiwi fruit already has a sort of strawberry flavour?

Just picked up a few tips about hanging in with this raw vegan cleanse and warding off the cravings for cooked food:
*Only spend a few seconds thinking about the cooked foods you crave
*Focus on thinking about your favourite raw foods and what you like about them
*Think about how you feel when you eat that special raw food
*Vision what you will look like (feel) when you are eating a 100% pure raw plant-based diet

This smoothie information is for you-- it's my bias-- so please see your own health practitioner to answer questions.  

To your better and better health, 


Thickalicious Blueberry-Orange-Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

This green smoothie is creamy, yummy and very filling-- it will definitely get you through the morning for five hours (until lunch)without the mid-morning craving for a piece of something starchy. I've been tweeting with a woman from Scotland who calls herself GreenThickies on Twitter and who has developed this delicious oatmeal-infused Green Smoothie that she, of course, calls a Green Thickie. I have been out of town for 2 weeks and away from my Vitamix (how I missed it!). Now I am home and was eager to give this drink a go... but I didn't have any of the lovely bits of fruit that she uses in her Green Thickie recipes, so did some innovation to come up with this recipe to use what I do have available... I'm loving it!

Put the following in your high speed blender (or blend in order in a regular blender):
*1 C. Filtered Water
*2 peeled Oranges (seedless or remove the seeds)
*1 C. frozen Blueberries
*1 C. Oatmeal (uncooked- soaked over night is good, if possible to remember to do that)
*2 T. Chia Seed or Flax Seed (or Chia Seed Gel that you can make yourself)
*3-6 Pitted Dates
*Handful of Romaine Lettuce

Whirl up until totally smoothie. Mmmmm. I think it is good to chew this smoothie a little instead of just bolting it down because it is pretty substantial and chewing ensures a better digestion process.  I threw in the dates because the combo reminds me of a lovely  muffin recipe I once had... you can omit them if you find this too sweet.

I don't have the exact nutritional breakdown but I'm guessing that this might be 300+ calories and contain around 6-8g of fat. Dairy-free, no refined sugars, Wheat-free. Check out for other information and recipes. I'm pretty certain I'll be trying out some more recipes for this sturdy smoothie on here again, so please check back!

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The Green Smoothie vs. Radiation Poisoning

*2-6 Celery stalks, chopped
*1 Apple, cored, chopped
*1 C. Blackberries, frozen or fresh
*1 T. Cinnamon
*1/2 tsp. Turmeric
*Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt
*1 T. Raw Honey
*1/4 C. Raw Pumpkin Seed
*1/4 C. dried Coconut
*Water (1 - 1 1/2 Quarts)

Spin up. Drink by itself (i.e., don't eat it with your breakfast, etc. Give yourself about an hour before and an hour after eating to digest this. There are several kinds of radiation that will be protected against by drinking Green Smoothies every day.  (recipe adapted from David Wolfe)

Smoothie of the Week: Grapefruit-Kefir Jolt


This Grapefruit-Kefir Jolt is not a smoothie for sissies -- by this I mean that it is not sweet (although go ahead and add extra sweeteners of choice) and the probiotics in the kefir married with the natural antioxidants and fibre in the grapefruit and the blueberries might lead to some.. hmm... movement.  You will feel clean and energized!
Add the following to your blender canister and blend up:

  • 3 washed, chopped ribs of Celery
  • halfed Grapefruit (both halves), peeled, with much white left (remove pips)
  • 1 C. plain Kefir (or store-bought)
  • 1 C. frozen Blueberries
  • 3-4 C. filtered Water

This smoothie information is for you-- it's my bias-- so please see your own health care professional before making any health-related decisions. If you found anything useful, intriguing, or have questions, I appreciate your feedback... please use the comment box below. To your better and better health, ~Cynthia

Smoothie of the Week: Cool Northern Front Green Smoothie

This morning I was looking for something that was clean and crisp, not sweet, but kind of like our West Coast climate, and using some of our high octane (read: antioxidant) berries-- especially some of the mass of frozen blackberries I have from picking last fall. lol

So, I combined the following, and it IS the best smoothie I have had all week... has a lovely fruity flavour, but not cloying, just West Coast (haha).  Put the following in your Vitamix canister:

*1 organic Apple, cored and chopped (skin intact)
*1 organic Lemon, peeled (leave the white) and seeded, chopped
*1 C. Frozen Cranberries
*1 C. organic Frozen Peaches (alas, farewell...all gone!)
*1 C. Frozen Blackberries (or other berries of choice)
*2 T. Organic Traditions organic Stevia powder (or similar-- no additives)
*1 narrow head organic Romaine Lettuce 
*Filtered Water to level 

Smoothie of the Week: Carrot- Apple Green Smoothie

Carrots and apples are a great sweet, fresh combo that measure up against bugs going around this time of the year-- and parsley is a boon for anyone with 'iron deficiency'.  Some people may find this a  little hard to digest.  In that case, be sure to take your enzymes somewhere in the process (before, during and immediately after drinking the smoothie).
  • 1 cup fresh-juiced apple juice (or regular organic apple juice if necessary)
  • 1 cup of sliced apple (Pink Ladies are a winner for this smoothie!)
  • 1/4 cup raw applesauce (a cored apple chopped into the blender)
  • 1/2 cup fresh organic chopped carrots
  • 1/2 cup of fresh organic Parsley
  • 2 cups of ice
  • Blend this vegetable smoothie until smooth. 

This smoothie information is for you-- it's my bias-- so please see your own health care professional before making any health-related decisions. If you found anything useful, intriguing, or have questions, I would really appreciate your feedback... please use the comment box below.. 
 To your better and better health, ~Cynthia

Smoothie of the Week: Apple-Almond-Blackberry Green Smoothie

Here is another delicious Blackberry Smoothie-- using apple, almond milk and of course, blackberries.

Now, it is possible that the combining of the almond milk and the fruit might pose a bit of a digestion problem for some-- if so, just take a full-spectrum enzyme before, during or after the smoothie... enzymes help with digestion.

Combine the following in your Vitamix (or other) blender carafe:
*Frozen Blackberries
*Tender Greens (Kale, Baby Spinach, Romaine, etc.)
*2-3 Apples (cored, all seeds removed, skin on)
*1-2 C. Fresh Almond Milk (10 soaked almonds per Cup of Water spun up in Vitamix)
*1 tsp. Cinnamon
Whirl up until fully creamy smooth.  Add more water or almond milk if it is too thick.  Mmmm.

Smart Pineapple Sage Smoothie (vegan)

Salvia elegans, photographed at the San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum- Wikipedia, Eric Hunter, cc-

Okay, I've been wondering this all summer: what would a green smoothie with sage in it taste like? More specifically, what would a green smoothie with some of my abundant pineapple sage (Salvia elegans) in it taste like?  It smells like pineapple, it tastes slightly like pineapple and a lot like a mild version of the sage you put in your Christmas turkey.  I'm thinking it will have a sharp bitter flavour that will punch through any fruity flavours.  I decide to give it a try anyhow.

  • Water drained from 1 Young Thai Coconut (gel/meat reserved for another recipe)
  • Handful of cleaned (with water) Pineapple Sage Leaves
  • 2 Bananas
  • 1/4 C. Organic Shredded Coconut (unsweetened)
  • Dash of Cinnamon (optional)
  • Filtered Water - as much as you want (1-2 Cups?)
Whirl up the above in your blender.  

Result: Actually, this is one of the mildest, sweetest Green Smoothies I've ever made. I may try it again and only use 1 banana.  It tastes very tropical.  I think some fresh pineapple would be very nice in this as well.  Sage is an herb with many ascribed natural healing properties.  Go here to read an interesting article from that perspective (also a recipe for Pineapple Sage Pound Cake). 

This smoothie information is for you-- it's my bias-- so please see your own health care professional before making any health-related decisions.
 To your better and better health, 

Smoothie of the Week: Light and Green Smoothie

This nutritious and refreshing smoothie is dedicated to all those readers who live in places where the humidity is so high that they hardly have enough energy to think, let alone plan a nutritious meal.  This would make a terrific lunch– all on its healthy little own!
Per person, blend together in the blender:

  • 1 large peeled organic cucumber
  • 2 ripe kiwi (also peeled)
  • 1/2 organic apple, peeled, cored, seeds removed

This is so refreshing and tasty– finally, a salad the kids will love!

This smoothie information is for you-- it's my bias-- so please see your own health care professional before making any health-related decisions.
  To your better and better health, ~Cynthia

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