Smoothie of the Week: Lemon-Blueberry Bliss


This smoothie is so tasty and SOOO healthy-- I was looking for something with a little zing (lemons!), antioxidants (blueberries!), energy, protein, and omega3s ('new superfoods':hempseed protein and chia seeds!), but also sweet (stevia drops!). 

This is a winning, thirst-quenching, energy-building, good-feeling-making smoothie. You can add other ingredients if you don't have the ones that I used (eg.,flaxseed for chia seeds) but I would really suggest you try this one if you have the means....

Add to the canister of the blender (I use a VitaMix) the following:
~1-2 Cups Frozen Wild or Organic Blueberries
~1/2 Cup Hempseed Protein
~1/4 Cup Chia Seed Gel*
~1/4 Cup to 1 Cup Fresh squeezed Organic Lemon Juice
~Filtered Water to blend (as much as required) & Stevia drops to sweeten (I used about 1/2 teaspoon)
~1 packet of Stevia sweetener (or sweetener to taste) (optional)
Blend up and drink up and enjoy!

*to make Chiaseed Gel, place 1/4 Cup of whole chiaseeds in a quart mason jar and add water to the top. Stir until the seeds are dispersed. Let absorb the water for at least 15- 20 minutes. Stir again. Put on lid and keep in the fridge to use with other recipes. Provides a high source of protein (4 gm in an ounce), fibre, calcium, magnesium, and more Omega3's than any other plant source, including flax seed. Use the "whole seeds" and not milled seeds. There is some indication that milled seeds lack the nutrients.

This smoothie information is for you-- it's my bias-- so please see your own health care professional before making any health-related decisions. 

 To your better and better health, 

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