Nettles in my Smoothie!

Vibrant Nettle Leaves impart the same energy to YOU when you use them in a smoothie!

I was out in my yard this morning and spotted the ingredients for one of my favourite Spring smoothies-- planted during an effort at being more fully  locavor -- Stinging Nettles!  Yes, they are usually run from instead of being seeded in your own yard, but I have my healthy, gardening son to thank for this anomoly, and I do thank him.

Please go HERE to learn more about our desire to be less dependent on the grocery store for what we eat and see an excellent video (filmed fairly nearby on the Gulf Islands).  We are very blessed to live where we do, but there are many ways to achieve the same outcomes, even if you live in an apartment in a concrete jungle of a city.

So, here is that favourite smoothie recipe:

**a handful of fresh Nettle leaves
**a cup or more of frozen Dark Sweet Cherries (or other fruit)
**6 Celery ribs, chopped
**1 small ripe Banana (or 1/4 soft, ripe Avocado)
**1/4 C. Chia seed Gel

Spin up in your high speed blender (or do up in a couple of batches in other blender) until smooth and creamy.  Enjoy!  And enjoy the energy spurt!  (go to see the video HERE to see all the benefits of nettles)
This nettle is not the only thing I find under a rock in my yard!

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