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Thyroid-Happy Cherry-Green Apple-Dandelion-Parsley-Banana-Pumpkin Seed Smoothie

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This and other "Thyroid Happy" smoothies on this site are set to coincide with the excellent  Thyroid Summit that showcased holistic expertise ("functional medicine") in preventing and healing Thyroid Disease.

Some of the things I learned  (Day #1) included the importance of cutting out sugars (J.J. Virgin and Dr. Teitelbaum) but not eschewing all salt (unrefined salt, like Celtic Sea Salt with its 80+ minerals).  I also learned that iodine is an essential element needed by our bodies to nourish a healthy thyroid (and heal a thyroid that is damaged) and that other chemical elements, like bromide and flouride, are ubiquitous and act to displace iodine and suppress thyroid function. (Dr. Brownstein)

This recipe uses raw ingredients that are NOT goitrogenic (suppress the thyroid and prevent the uptake of iodine) although there is some contradiction around 'cherries'-- it would seem that the 'sour' cherry variety is preferable.  However, there are some sites that diss the cherry altogether, lumping it in with other goitrogenic fruits (like peaches), but there are other sites that include cherries with berries (blueberries, etc., but not strawberries) that are considered NON-goitrogenic.  I have an almost full bag of frozen "Dark Sweet Cherries" from Costco that I love. love. love. and have decided to use them sparingly for this and other smoothie recipes.  Otherwise, the remaining ingredients are considered healthy-harmless (don't block iodine uptake) for the thyroid.  Put the following in your high speed blender carafe (or do in 2 batches):
**for 1-2 tall glasses of smoothie**
~1/2 C. Frozen or fresh Cherries (sour cherries are preferred- or sub blueberries)
~1 Banana, peeled and chopped
~ 1/4 C. Pumpkin Seeds (contain selenium, a thyroid-healthy mineral)
~ 1/4 C. Coconut Shreds (for sweetening & healthy fats)
~ 1 - 2 Dandelion Leaves (or 1-2 Romaine leaves)
~ 1 Granny Smith Apple (lovely lower-glycemic apple)
~ Handful of Parsley/Cilantro
~  Filtered Water  (1 -2 cups)
~ Ice Cubes (if desired)
**Spin up.  Enjoy!  Feel the Energy surge through your body-- not kidding!