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Frozen Peach Smoothie Starter

Here is a delicious way to quickly and easily start your day with a smoothie-- called a frozen smoothie starter, it is basically a frozen smoothie pellet the size of a cupcake or muffin cup (whatever size your pan is) that you just pop into your blender along with whatever fruit, fluid or greens you want to add, and voila! A gourmet smoothie, no ice cubes needed! Dairy-free and Gluten-free.

This smoothie is made with fresh, tree-ripened, organic Okanagan-grown Red Haven Peaches, the absolute royalty among eating peaches!  But any peaches will do-- just make sure they are organic (as I explain in this blog, although they have amazing mouth appeal and health benefits, chemically-sprayed peaches are in the "Dirty Dozen" foods list).  You'll have summer in your glass whenever you pour out your peachy smoothie in the months to come!

Blend together the following Ingredients:
  1. 6 well-washed (but unpeeled, if organic) Peaches, sliced
  2. 4 C. Coconut Dream Coconut Milk (or Almond-Brasil nut mylk would also be delish!)
  3. 2 T. shredded (unsweetened) Coconut
  4. 1 T. Cinnamon powder
Pour into 12 muffin cups (I use silicone muffin pans for quick pop-out-ability but other muffin tins will do).  

There will likely be enough left over for a big smoothie base (add your fave greens, etc. and blend up again.) 

Put the muffin pans into the freezer and freeze until solid.

Put the frozen peachy-coconut discs into ziplock bags and back into the freezer for those coming days when fresh peaches will be just a dream from last summer!

To reconstitute, just add one or two of the frozen discs to a cup or two of fluid (water, juice, coconut milk, nut mylk, etc.) and add more fruit (a frozen banana goes well) if you want, and fresh chopped greens (with peaches I like cilantro, parsley, romaine or celery).  

Question: Who's the Clever Duck for getting their smoothies all ready to go in advance?

Smoothie of the Week: Orange-Date Pancake Sauce

Orange - Date Pancake Syrup: Delicious, Healthy, Gluten-Free
Ever since I saw the little joke that goes: "Tomato is a fruit, right? Then Ketchup is a Smoothie?" I've been to expand my definition of smoothie... today's pure fruit, no refined sugar, gluten-free smoothie falls into that category and it is DELISH!

Put the following in the canister of your Vitamix:

  • 1/2 Container of unsweetened Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate
  • 6 pitted Medjool Dates
  • 1/2 Banana
  • handful of dried shredded Coconut (unsweetened)
  • 1/4 C. Almond Mylk or Water
Spin it up and pour over your fave pancake... I personally love it over the gluten-free toaster waffles I eat. Yum yum yum!

<<BONUS: Try this delish breakfast smoothie with a tablespoon of the Orange Date sauce as one of its ingredients

>>Try it over ice cream, plain yogurt

>>Try it as a scrumptious salad dressing

>>Other ideas?  Maybe a dip?

To your better and better health, ~Cynthia

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